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Thursday, February 21, 2013

my crêpes desires

Bienvenue et découvrez la face française d'Hambourg! - Have a look on the french side of (Hamburg) life!

Let's start with food. Absolutely necessary.
                                                                     And maybe we eat dessert first? :)

Crêpes - crêpes - crêpes: yummy and delicious goodies on a saturday afternoon strolling in the "Schanze". I recommend the "La famille" on the Schulterblatt. The red-blue-white colours on the front are saying: ///yuuu areee raaaiight or - ier biest du rischtisch///.

Crêpes-addicted ones will find their medicine here - with a huge choice.
The salty fans may order a croques - with also a huge choice: 50 different types of croques. That makes at least one croque a week. And don't miss the creolic voodooremoulade - it's supposed to banish evil spirits...

If you wanna sit down - better come early, it's crowded on weekend nights. There are around 15 seats inside and a few outside in summer.
The food is made with love- so don't be in a rush when ordering :). Take your time and have a look around you. The walls are covered with random souvenirs, plates or posters - the beloved collection of the owner.

croques menu - try the creolic voodooremoulade!

What's the story?
"La famille" is a real institution in the fast changing Sternschanze scenery. The so-called "Croque-Laden" opened 30 years ago. Another branch is in St. Georg on the famous "Lange Reihe". Some things stay in spite of gentrification-bla-bla just like the Rote Flora. And that's good. 

foto: la famille.de

Bon appetit and see you there!

and check out their website for more details and the specials!

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