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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I don't exist - electronically ment.

FOLKS- great to have you back on my blog.

Brazil was amazing - I will need more time to write the stories down. but they will follow soon.

So. I'm here now. In the middle of nowhere. Somewhere between France and Switzerland. But officially it's Switzerland - la suisse francaise. I'm studying in Geneve, speaking french but can't write in french because my keyboard is still german - that's why there won't be any Ç, é, á or
 â [ɑ], Ê ê [ɛ], Î î [i], Ô ô [o], Û û [y]. We just leave that, ok? :)

Welcome in Switzerland!

"You have to pay for the "autoroute" - yes, and you have to pay the full price of the year, even if you use it only from october till december. 40 SF, s'il vous plait", answered the man at the toll station.

Welcome in the country with money - with their own swiss money and a bad rate to the euro. Great. Can't wait to go shopping.

DAY 1 in Genève or "I don't exist"

" Well, Mrs. Gallus - you're not registered in our system. We haven't received your application. You don't exist - electronically, of course."

Well, of COURSE. The woman at the Erasmus counter can't help herself. But no worries. I do. "Well, as you are the woman in charge- just flick me in the system. Here - you have a confirmation letter of my uni in germany. For such a nice and well-known and organised uni as the university of geneva is known, it shouldn't be a problem to flick someone in, who sent the application already in january."

Geneva Office de l'herbergement

" Well, you need at least 4 months to find a room in Geneva and you will have to pay at least 800 SF.", said the grey-haired woman at the counter with a compassionate smile. 

"Well, I don't need a room in 4 months because I'm leaving by then. It would be just great to have a room by now. I'll be roofless in 2 days - so I don't have the time to wait 4 months."

" You might sign up online with your student number to watch online on the uni site."

" I can't. I don't have a student number - yet, of course."

"Are you sure you are a student at the Université de Genève?"

" No- not really. I don't know. I don't exist - electronically, of course."

" And how do you want to find a room? When did you arrive?"

"Arrived yesterday."

"And you need a room now? It's peak season - you know that?" She's leaving the counter and going back to her computer.

"Ähm- isn't it always peak season in Geneve?."

 She is coming back. some papers in her hand.

"So, mademoiselle. As you might be a little bit crazy to look for a room now, not having a student number... good luck. These are the last three private room adverts from the system. They came in today. Call them and see if the rooms are still available. Bonne chance. You will need it."

Great. Perfect. Absolutely amazing start. I love it. What the hell am I doing here?

Ok. Plan. THINK!
Phone needed. And I need to go to the bank. Have no swiss money yet. Why this is not a Euro-country for God's sake? Would be so much easier now. 
Phone project is done in 10 minutes. 
Suiss number, yehaa. Suiss money: check.

Ok, I need a beer. just to calm down a little bit and not explode in the middle of Geneva after all these fantastic and motivating news.
There is a take-away around the corner. 8SF for a bottle of beer. No, thank you. 

I drink my water.

First call: Yes, room still available. Come around in 2 hrs.
Second call: Yes, room still available. Come around tonight at 8pm.

First visit: nice room, nice location, would be an option but not 100%.
Second visit: horrible.

Third call (in the evening): Yes, room is still available, but it's on the countryside. - Check, I'll take it. 
"Don't you wanna see it first?" - "No, to be honest, no. That sounds just great to me. Living on the countryside. hearing birds in the morning, going for a run at sunrise. May I move in tomorrow?"


Found a room in Geneva at my first day. (And after a week I still love it!)
Et voilá - it took 4 days but here I am: Student of the Université de Genève. I exist. Electronically and officially.

á la prochaine! 
x katie



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  1. sounds adventurous, just as you are :) hope you have an amazing time over there and hope to see you soon when you're back! big hug