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Monday, October 22, 2012

Indian summer

First weekend in Switzerland

The people from Geneva call it "their" mountains: le Salève. But: it's in France. You drive from the valley of Cruseilles to Annemasse. And this is just beautiful. 

Indian summer is calling

ces couleurs!

Bienvenue à Genève!

Hitting the road south to Chamonix.

hidden Mont Blanc

And there it is: the Mont Blanc - Covered in clouds and snow - the highest mountain of Europe (4810m). Chamonix Mont-Blanc is the place to be when you start to go up there or if you want to go shopping in a chanel store (yes - there is a chanel store in the middle of the Alps...  I'd say crazy) or if you wanna see the Mont Blanc from the mountain next to, so called the "Aiguille du Midi" (3842 m). The good thing: you can go up there by cable car :). And we were well prepared with no winter jackets and 0°C.. . Singing "All summer long" from Kid Rock we headed back north to the "lac léman". What a special weekend - good weather, great company and a lot of moments when we died of laughter. Eirini and Katie on tour!

prepared for all nationalities.

brave climber n° 1

brave climber n° 2
extreme sport on the mt. blanc

le doit des Alpes


lac léman, coucher du soleil

À la prochaine!
xx Katie

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