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Sunday, February 17, 2013

you rock!

Hi folks!

How was your week? Have you had a nice Valentine's day? I hope so!
To be honest - I'm not a really big fan of V-day. Why do we need a date to surprise our valentine?
Somehow it isn't fair to those who haven’t found their valentine (yet). And such a bigbigbig deal if you have a true love in your life or not, right? A day made for the flower - chocolate - card industry.

I would like to dedicate this post to all of my readers – those who have (had) a valentine and those who were simply thinking, “I really need a lot of drinks to get through this "Love - is - in- the -air - vibe”. A lot of my friends going through rough breakups right now. So February 14th is not their favourite day at all. I told them: "Don't assume that everyone partnered is getting flowers and chocolates and having hot sex tonight. Not everything is 'Fifty Shades'. "
Note: Having someone on your arm doesn’t define who YOU are. I wanna let you know that you are loved so much.  There is someone out there - if not many someones, who loves you loads and loads and appreciates having you in their life.  Like me. You rock.

Why not a spontaneous short trip next weekend? Or a spontaneous long walk, a coffee sitting in the sun, a vino in the afternoon, a dance on a winter open air event or a ride by bike with friends to the beach bar? check the last minute offers and have happyhappyhappy sunday.

xxx K

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