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Thursday, January 31, 2013

catching summer on the Reeperbahn

It's not summer - not yet. And it's not hot - not yet. But there is a way in Hamburg to catch summer. Have a look and visit the "Sommersalon" on the Reeperbahn. A salon full of summer love. Promised. Or you find your love for the summer. Everything is possible in the salon of summer.

My friends and I love this place and the special vibe. Music: great mix of funk, hiphop and R&B (old and new school). Dancefloor is jumping after 1am. There are no fancy drinks, but who needs them? Have a closer look on the decoration - you will find heaps of surprises and creatures of forgotten times. Ladies - take tissues. They are always out of toilet paper. But that shouldn't be something new for the clubs on the Reeperbahn.

 Hit the Sommersalon for a start or final countdown on your night out on the Reeperbahn. Definetely unique vibes there and worth having 2-3-4 drinks.

What's the story?
Live drummer and passionate dancer George is on stage every weekend - he loves to battle on the dancefloor. Join him!

Spielbudenplatz 22 // 20359 Hamburg

 Well - Let's catch summer and start the weekend in the sommersalon.

See you there and enjoy your days off.

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