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Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo of the week #17: Quiz!

Photo by itchyfeetish, La Gomara. 2012.

 Na, was seht ihr auf diesem Foto? Einmal Brainstormen. Auflösung folgt. 

What can you see on the pic?


Listening ... 
sound of the dudes from Dirrty Dishes. Best about it: you can see and hear them live.                            
Dancing all night included ...

Inspiring ... 
Let's instagram in Africa! Photos from Africa.
About everyday life and life. 
Smiling ...  
Parody of a special youtube hit in germany. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you find the original video here with english subtitles in the info box.

Let's go there ... 
Travelling the Iran. Nice article (german) with impressions.

Yes! ... 
new flights booked! :)

Dreaming of ...

                                                          Photo by Lindsey&Lauren, Pinterest.

happy weekend!



 Auflösung: Bananenstaude von unten!
Answer: Banana bush from below!

Photo by itchyfeetish, La Gomera. 2012.

Photo by itchyfeetish, La Gomera. 2012.

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