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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

abenteuersuche in berlin

oh- i know... it's ages ago when i blogged last time. SORRY :)

But too much happened!

I discovered Kreuzberg- used to be a "dirty" part of berlin, today it's a secret place for artists, creative and crazy people :)

just next to it there's a free gallery called East Side Gallery with old and still existing parts of the wall which divided berlin into east and west Berlin. international artists used the wall as paper- but have a look for yourself!

But where is my luck with the flat- discover-adventure for Hamburg? I'm looking and looking and looking. but it's hard to find sth- but can't wait to be there soo sooooooon. only 2 weeks left in my job ( will miss my work mates !!!) and ready for my next adventure: UNIVERSITY !! WOOP WOOP

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